Insane? Adidas & Nike Recycle Kit Designs For Different Teams

With Adidas and Nike releasing new football kits for 2019 for the teams worldwide, many of you noted that some of the kit designs are not really new but reused from other jerseys. We take a look at some recent examples whee Adidas and Nike just 'recycled' old kit designs.

Adidas & Nike Reuse Kit Designs

There are dozens of examples where Adidas and Nike used the same design for different teams, e.g. Nike for the Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and Alianza Lima (Peru) 2019 home kits and Adidas for the Copenhagen (Denmark) and Yokohama F Marinos (Japan) 2019 kits.

In fact, there are two different types of 'copied' kit designs. First, technically unique designs that are used for a number of teams, and the standard templates every team can get (including miadidas designs).

In 2018, Adidas was likely the brand that used the same kit design for as many different teams than no other before - the infamous Adidas Condivo 18. The brand also released streamlined third kits for their biggest club in 2018-2019, something that was originally started by Nike.

Of course, some other brands like New Balance and Puma also reuse kit designs. There are only very few brands that always give teams bespoke kits, such as Macron.

It is nothing new that different teams get the same designs - these teams are 'twinned by design'...

Do you know other teams that got a other team's kit design as their new kit recently? Let us know in the comments below.