James Milner Receives Special Nike Magista Boots to Celebrate 500 Premier League Games

James Milner made his 500th Premier League appearance last month against Bournemouth. Last night, the Liverpool captain unveiled a custom pair of Magista Opus boots Nike created for him to commemorate this milestone.

Despite the silo having been canned in favor of the Phantom Vision after the World Cup, Milner is one of the players who still don the Magista to this day, so it's only logical Nike went with this model as the base for this custom.

Having been a Nike ambassador since his debut at Leeds United, the boots feature the colors of the various clubs Milner played for throughout this career. These include the logos of Leeds, where he began his career (2002-2004), Newcastle United (2004-2009), Aston Villa (2008-2011), Manchester City (2010-2015) and Liverpool, where he has been playing for four years now.

Based on the Magista Opus II from the 2018 World Cup, this creation also features the player's silhouette on the heel, which is placed on the back with the number 7, which he's been wearing since his Manchester City days. While Nike had already sent a special shoe for Milner for his 500th match, he never ended up wearing them in an official game, and the same is likely for this new one.

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In other news, Milner was most recently spotted wearing blacked-out Phantom Venoms in training, which means that he could finally make the switch to a modern Nike silo shortly.

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