Newell's Old Boys 2019 Home Kit Released

Legendary brand Umbro just presented the new home kit for Argentinian club Newell's Old Boys.

Newell's 2019 Home Kit

This is the new Umbro Newell's Old Boys 2019 home jersey.

Featuring the iconic red-black half-and-half look the club is famous for, the Newell's 2019 jersey incorporates a subtle graphic pattern to add even more detail to it.

More details are present on the upper back, where we can see the years of the club's league titles with the year 1974 highlighted in the center, and on the bottom part of the front where it reads "Hijos, padres, abuelos y bisabuelos campeones" (Champion sons, fathers, grandfathers and great great-grandfather). The hashtag "#YoTeViCampeon" (I saw you as champion) is printed on the lower back of the Newell's 2019 Umbro shirt.

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