Adidas X 19+ 'Hard Wired Pack' Boots Leaked - Official Pictures

Updated with official pictures of the Adidas X 19+ and 19.1 'Hard Wired' boots, which are set to be officially launched by Adidas soon.

Update: New pictures of the stunning 'Hard Wired' Adidas X 19+ boots have been leaked. Just as on all other pictures of the cleats except one prototype, the sole plate is blue-metallic.

Adidas 'Hard Wired' 2019-20 Boots Pack

Adidas X 19+ 'Hard Wired' - Light Blue / White / Core Black

This is the Adidas X 19+ in the 'Hard Wired' colorway.

The Adidas X 19+ Hard Wired cleats have an interesting look that sees the upper fade from light blue in the back towards more white parts in the front. The 3 Stripes are black, while the sole plate is red-metallic.

Adidas X 19+ - Features

  • Laceless construction
  • Ultralight X-layskin upper
  • Low-cut Clawcollar
  • Ultralight Speedframe outsole
  • 3D moulded heel
  • Price: EUR 280 (GBP 230, USD 280)
  • Release date: August 2019

Adidas X 19.1 - Light Blue / White / Core Black

This is the next-gen Adidas X 19.1 in the light blue, white and black 'Hard Wired' August colorway.

Featuring a color-blocking look, the August Adidas X 19+ soccer boots are predominantly light blue with a white collar. The 3 Stripes, which once again appear in a very noticeable application on the outside front, are black.

As for features, the next-gen Adidas X 19+ and 19.1 boots are practically the same as their X 18 predecessors. The boots still feature the same Speedmesh upper and Claw collar as the X 18. The sole plate stays the same as well.

Adidas X 19.1 Features

  • Adaptable lacing system
  • Low-cut Clawcollar
  • Super-thin Speedmesh upper
  • Ultralight Speedframe outsole
  • 3D moulded heel
  • Price: $225 (€220, £180)
  • Release Date: August 2019

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