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100 Years Old - Full Valencia CF Logo History

Spanish club Valencia celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Ahead of the club's 100th birthday on March 18, 2019 (Valencia was founded on 18 March 1919), we take a look at the logo history of 'The Bats' (Los Murciélagos).

Valencia CF Logo History

The first-ever Valencia CF logo did already feature the famous bat, even though the bat was less prominent than today. In fact, the first-ever Valencia CF logo is closely inspired by the city of Valencia coat of arms. Some elements are directly taken from the official city logo, while a football and the initials CV were added.

Coat of arms of Valencia

If you are wondering why Valencia's city logo features a bet - there are several possible explanations; one is that bats are simply quite common in the area. The second theory is that on 9 October 1238, when James I was about to enter the city, re-conquering it from the Moors, a bat landed on the top of his flag, and he interpreted it as a good sign. As he conquered the city, the bat was added to the arms.

In 1921, Valencia CF got a new logo that is pretty similar to today's iconic one. Designed by Spanish designer Francisco Aguar Tarín, the crest prominently places the bat on the top while including the club's name as well as a football and the Senyera flag. The shape of the crest is almost the same as the one of the modern crest.

In the following years until today, Valencia's logo was not heavily changed anymore. The last update to the crest was made in 2009.

In Summer 2018, Valencia presented a special 100th anniversary crest in gold and black. The crest was used for the Valencia CF 2018-19 Adidas Centenary kit.

Do you like the Valencia CF logo? What do you think of the Valencia centenary crest? Let us know in the comments below.