Stunning Porto 19-20 Concept Kit By Matupeco Gets Produced By Fakers

Update: The Porto 2019-20 Dragon concept jersey by Matupeco got produced by fakers. They did not reproduce the kit perfectly, however - the collar is wrong.

Matupeco (@matupeco20) has created what might be the best-ever concept jersey we have seen for far.

FC Porto 2019-20 Kit Concept By Matupeco

Influenced by the famous Azulejo tiles in Porto and the club's nickname Os Dragões (The Dragons), the FC Porto 19-20 concept kit by Matupeco features a unique design. It is white with a bespoke blue graphic on the front.

The city of Porto's Latin motto 'Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta' (this means 'Ancient, most noble, always loyal and undefeated city') is on the lower right of the jersey.

By @GusCamisetas, @PARDOSPORTPY and @_GonzaRodriguez

Matupeco even shared the graphic design on the front of the jersey, which allowed other designers to create other mock-ups of the kit.

The kit in PES 2019 by porto_depre

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