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Capelli Sport - Teams, Kit Designs, Teamwear & History | Small Brands Case Study

In a new series dubbed 'Small Brands Case Study' we want to take a look at the smaller brands in the game. One of those smaller brands in football is Capelli Sport, who are sponsoring 2017-18 Greek league champions AEK Athens since the 2018-19 season.

Capelli Sport - Background, Teams, Kit Designs & Teamwear

Company History

Capelli Sport was founded in 2011 in the United States by George Altirs, an entrepreneur originating from Lebanon and football fan. The company is a subsidiary of the GMA Accessories Inc, a company that owns brand such as Capelli New York, GMA Shanghai Company and Capelli Sport.

Capelli Sport first made the headlines by buying shares of German club MSV Duisburg in 2015. In 2017, they signed a deal with the Lebanese Football Association (company owner is from Lebanon), while their biggest deal is the partnership with 2017-18 Greek champions and 2018-19 Champions League group stage team AEK Athens.


Capelli Sport currently equips three important teams - AEK Athens, MSV Duisburg and Lebanon.Other teams supplied by the brand are smaller teams from Germany (FSV Frankfurt, Uerdingen, Waldhof Mannheim) and other countries worldwide (e.g. Ghana: International Allies FC & United States: Rochester Rhinos, Penn FC). Full list of Capelli Sport teams.

Kit Designs

Capelli Sport's kit designs are nothing extraordinary. In fact, they remind us of the designs of smaller brands such as Jako from Germany and a bit of Errea. Capelli Sport produces bespoke designs for all of their bigger sponsored clubs.

The trademark feature of Capelli Sport kits are the four squares on each shoulder, which are part of all Capelli football kits.


Capelli Sport's aim is to become a supplier for smaller teams while also offering all the football performance gear a soccer player needs, e.g. balls, goalkeeper gloves, shirts, jackets, baselayers and training jackets.

Capelli's main focus is put on teamwear gear such as jerseys.

Along to their football offering, Capelli Sport also sells fitness gear.

Capelli Sport has not yet brought out shoes.

Do you like the designs of Capelli Sport? Which brand would you like us to take a closer look next? Let us know in the comments below.