Not Very Limited or Overpriced? 'Limited-Edition' Adidas Predator DB & ZZ 25 Years Icon Boots By Far Not Sold Out

Some days ago, Adidas launched the spectacular Adidas Predator 25 Years Icon Pack to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the silo. The hype for the launch was immense and the boots were well received by boot enthusiasts, but all of them are still available to get.

Adidas Predator 25 Years Icon Pack Still Available

The only website that is sold out on the three boots of the Adidas Predator 25 Years Icon pack seems to be US website - all other websites such as, Futbol Emotion, Unisportstore and Pro Direct are still selling each of the three boots.

A closer look reveals that the most popular boot of the collection seems to be the silver Adidas Predator Precision Beckham boot, which is not available in all sizes anymore - all other boots of the collection are still very easy to get.

What are the reason for the Adidas Predator DB & ZZ 25 Years Icon Boots being not sold out as fast as previous releases?

We think that different reasons come together for the boots to be not sold out already:


The Adidas Predator Icon Pack boots retail at immense 300 GBP (350 USD, 340 Euro), a price that not many want to pay for their new boots.

Not So Limited:

The boots are a limited-edition release, quite logically. However, Adidas did not announce how many pairs are available - there seem to be more than usual. We think that Adidas produced at least 5,000 pairs of each boot.

No Hype - Too Many Re-Releases

7 Remakes Since 2017 - Here Are All 11 Adidas Predator Remake Boots

The third reason is likely that it is not the first re-release of the Predator. In fact, Adidas brought back more than 10 Predator boots in the past five years. The new pack also includes 3! different FG remakes, as well as Turf and lifestyle Predator shoes.

What do you think is the reason for the Adidas Predator Icon 25 Years soccer cleats still available almost everywhere? Let us know in the comments below.