Here Is Why The Design Is Different On Every Adidas River Plate 2019 Third Kit

When Adidas released the new River Plate third kit for 2019, fans of the Argentinian club were not happy with the look of the jersey. They closely scanned the pictures and some things irritated them. Thanks to La Casaca for clarifying things.

Kit Pattern Differently Positioned On Every Kit Because of Production

The reason for the graphic pattern to be placed differently on every kit is because of how Adidas produces their jersey. The pattern is not specially made for each kit - the kit is created using a very large fabric that already includes the design print.

As Adidas uses the same fabric for every size, the pattern has a different position on every kit.

The same thing can be studied on striped football kits - the stripes are different depending on the kit size.

Another thing that annoyed fans of the Argentinian club is that the design of their new kit is not unique but take from an Adidas Tango 2017 jersey. Pretty...

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