Nike 2019 International Kits Feature Amazing New Kit Details

On Monday, Nike released their kits for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. Dubbed the 'International Kits For 14 Countries', those Nike 2019 Women's World Cup uniforms that were newly created feature some fantastic new details. We take a closer look at them (thanks to La Casaca for the images).

Nike 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Jerseys Come With Unique New Design Features

The Nike 2019 International Kits come with new details that had been never seen before on important new football kits from the Swoosh - we list them.

Subtle Visible 'Proud' Elements On The Back Of The Jersey

The back panel of the USA 2019 Women's World Cup home shirt features a tonal gray print formed from each of the 50 states.

Bold Elements On The Shorts

The shorts of the Nike USA 2019 International Women's home kit come with 3 bold stars in red and blue on the side.

Unique Socks

Whereas previous Nike socks were really boring featuring a standard template, some of the Nike 2019 Women's World Cup shirts feature one-of-a-kind socks - the Australia, England (away) and France socks come with the graphic design of the kits, the Netherlands home socks boast a unique gradient graphic inspired by the shirt and the USA home socks feature the design of the sleeve cuffs.

Nike socks for the 2018 World Cup all featured the same design, and those Women's teams that did not receive new kits from the Swoosh still have those socks.

We expect that future Nike club team kits will also feature some of those unique new elements - the era of Nike's extremely boring Aeroswift streamlined jerseys that began with the EURO 2016 seems to come to an end.

Do you like that Nike kits get more unique again? Do you like the new design features for the shorts and the socks of the jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.