What If? Nike Galatasaray Mash-Up Kit Concept by Ozando

What if Nike would release a mash-up jersey for Turkish giants Galatasaray? Turkish graphic designer OZANDO has imagined how a Nike Galatasaray mash-up jersey could look like.

Galatasaray 2011-2019 Mash-Up Kit Concept

Inspired by the mash-up jerseys Nike released for Man City, Barcelona and Inter, OZANDO created this concept by merging Nike Galatasaray home and away jerseys from when Nike has been making Galatasaray's kits, 2011.

The merged Nike Galatasaray kit features all of Galatasaray's Nike kits since 2011 when the Swoosh took over from Adidas.

All Nike Galatasaray kits in history

There is no information that Nike has planned to release a Galatasaray mash-up kit.