Worn by Banega & Hakimi | Gravity Grip Gear Anti-Slip Socks Review

Friday, 29 March 2019
At the start of 2019, we gave you an overview over the grip-sock market and some of most important brands. Today we want to share our review of the anti-slip socks by a relatively new player in the anti-slip socks game - Gravity Grip Gear.

Anti-slip soccer socks were introduced by TruSox a few years ago. Due to their big advantages compared to usual socks, they were fastly adopted by many professionals despite their deals with their actual boot supplier (Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale & more). TruSox created a completely new market for the anti-slip football socks that previously did not exist. Today there is not just one brand anymore that produced anti-slip socks but more than dozen.

Not Just TRUsox Anymore - 7 Most Important Anti-Sip Socks On The Market 2019 - Adidas, Nike, TRUsox, Tapedesign, Storelli & More

Gravity-Grip sent us four pair of their socks already at the start of the year (two of each version) - so we already have had a few months to test them.

Banega Wears Extraordinary Socks In 2018 Supercopa Against FC Barcelona - Here Is What They Are

The Gravity Grip Gear Anti-Slip Football Socks are worn by footballers such as Ever Banega (Sevilla), Karim El Ahmadi (formely Feyenoord) and Achraf Hakimi (Borussia Dormund).

Gravity Grip Gear Anti-Slip Socks

Gravity Grip socks "significantly enhances performance by providing grip in your footwear. Complete grip means complete control. Gravity Grip socks allows you to have greater agility, speed and that explosive edge which keeps you in front of your competition when it most matters."

There are two versions of Gravity Grip Gear anti-slip socks available - a Performance (we would describe them as Comfort + Grip) and a Pro version (Maximum Grip / less Comfort "Match-Day"). The main difference is that the Performance comes with anti-slip grip pads on the outside only, while the PRO version features them on the inside and the outside (very similar to TruSox).

The Performance version does offer more comfort (they are a bit thicker), while the PRO version is made for maximum grip. Without the anti-slip pads, it can be said that the PRO socks are very similar to the high-end Nike football socks in terms of feeling.

Gravity Performance Anti-Slip Socks - "Comfort Version With Grip Pads On Outside Only"

Gravity Performance Anti-Slip Socks - Features

  • Anti-slip
  • Ankle stability
  • Bloodflow support
  • Comfort

"External grip pads covering the areas where its most needed provide grip inside your footwear, so you don't have to worry about slipping in your footwear. Gravity Performance also has the supportive rubber band added mid-foot for arch support. The three-zoned Performance sock has a “middle-zone” which provides extra stability and support to the ankle joint. The ankle stability makes sure you feel more secured in your footwear. This compressing function also supports blood-flow."

The Gravity Performance Anti-Slip Socks retail at 20 Euro, available in 7 colorways and two sizes (35-39 & 40-45).

TruSox Equivalent - Gravity PRO with Gravity-Grip Technology - "Match-Day Version With Grip Pads On Inside & Outside"

The Gravity PRO - The Gravity-Grip Technology socks come with grip pads inside and outside of the sock.

When the gripping pads get wet by either perspiration or rain the Gravity-Grip Technology activates, which means the gripping effect, gets even better under harsh circumstances.

The Gravity PRO sock also contains two breathability zones on the instep of the foot to cool and dry the feet and to support wicking moisture away. A rubber band on mid-foot is added which stops the sock from rolling or folding within the footwear and it supports the arch of the foot.

The Gravity PRO socks with Gravity-Grip Technology retail at 35 Euro. They are available in two colorways and one size only.

Gravity Grip Gear socks, and all other anti-slip socks on the market, can be not only used for Soccer/Football but also for Basketball, Boxing, Crossfit, Athletics, Hockey, Freerunning/Parkour, Tennis, Badminton, Running/Jogging and any other tip of sports.

We also experienced great results wearing the PRO socks for running (jogging), so if you are running regularly you should get them.

Have you already tried anti-slip socks for playing football? Will you give the Gravity Grip Gear Anti-Slip Football Socks a try? Let us know in the comments below.
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