Bayern, Man Utd, Liverpool & 9 More | 12 Famous Clubs x Foundation Kits Concepts By NatoDoldan

If you are interested in the history of football clubs, you surely know that team's have not always been using the same jersey colors since their foundation. Graphic designer NatoDoldan imagined how the kits of 12 teams would look like with their first (foundation) jersey colors and design elements.

Kits With Foundation Colors Of 12 Clubs By NatoDoldan

NatoDoldan has imagined how modern versions of 12 team's kits with their first colors would look like - including those of Ajax, Bayern München, Chelsea and nine others. While it is quite widely known that Manchester United's first kit (founded as Newton Heath) featured a green and yellow half-and-half design, not many now much about the first colors of teams like Bayern Munich (white and blue) and Man City (black with a white cross).

The kit colors of teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and many others have always been the same.

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Atletico Madrid

Bayern München

Boca Juniors

Borussia Dortmund





Manchester City

Manchester United


Which of these first color kits is your favorite? Which do you prefer to the now club's colors? Do you know other teams that wear different colors to the ones they used in their beginnings? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow NatoDoldan on Twitter.