Blackout Next-Gen New Balance Tekela 2.0 2019 Boots Leaked

The blackout colorway of the upcoming next-generation NB Tekela 2.0 football boots has been leaked. One picture shows the high-end version, while the other images are those of a lower-tier version of the cleats.

The next-gen New Balance Tekela 2.0 football boot will be launched in Summer 2019 in a teal colorway.

Next-Gen New Balance Tekela 2 Boots Leaked

New Balance Tekela 2.0 - Blackout

This picture shows the stealth colorway of the NB Tekela 2.

The New Balance Tekela 2.0 cleats features a stealth look with a iridescent brandings. The lower-tier version of the blackout New Balance Tekela 2.0 football boot comes with a more shiny, metallic silver look.

Lower-tier version

An evolution of the first generation, the next-gen New Balance Tekela 2.0 boots are equipped with the same tech features as the first generation. A few changes have been made to the upper, the collar and the sole plate.

Lower-tier version

The stealth NB Tekela 2.0 boots are set to be launched in August 2019 together with a matching blackout New Balance Furon colorway.

Lower-tier version

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