Top 10 Selling Team Kits - Do Chivas, Boca Juniors, & Flamengo Each Sell More Than 2 Million Kits A Year?

Monday, 22 April 2019
An infographic showing off the top American teams in terms of sold kits is doing the rounds online. Even though the graphic from a newspaper has been shared by ESPN MX journalist Juan Pablo Fernández, it is totally unreliable.

Fake News - Best-Selling Kits From American Teams

According to the data from the infographic, Chivas is the best-selling team with 2.6 million jerseys old each year. Boca Juniors and Flamengo come second, Corinthians fourth and Club America fifth.

The numbers look of the jerseys sold by these American club look as impressive as they are off. There is no club in the Americas selling more than 1 million jerseys, and we also don't think that there is a team that sells more than half a million official jerseys each year. The ranking of the teams could be pretty accurate.

The sales of other teams and a concrete example of German's Bundesliga confirms that these numbers are not only a bit off. For example, German Bundesliga giants FC Bayern Munich are selling around 1.3 million jerseys each year (2015-16 - official data), more than all other Bundesliga teams together. Bayern Munich back then announced a success story: "Last season (i.e. the 2015/16 Bundesliga season, ed.) 1.3 million kits were sold, more than all the other Bundesliga clubs combined. That's a new record."

There is no official data of how many jerseys a team is selling per season, but belows list gives a good overview of what are the approximated Top 10 Teams in terms of sold kits.

Top 10 Selling Football Kits (2016 - Mainly Estimated Figures)

1) Manchester United, 2,850,000
2) Real Madrid – 2,290,000
3) Barca, 1,980,000
4) Chelsea 1,650,000
5) Bayern 1,500,000
6) Arsenal 1,225,000
7) Juventus 850,000 (should be higher now)
8) Liverpool – 705,000 (should be higher now)
9) PSG – 685,000 (is higher now because of Neymar & Jordan - approximately to break 1 million kit sales)
10) AC Milan – 650,000 (could be lower now)

All the numbers floating around have to be taken with care, as there is not such a thing like official kit sales stats.

What do you think of these numbers? How many jerseys do you think those teams are really selling? Le us know in the comments below.
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