Insane Cheat To Confuse Barca Players... Levante Goalkeeper Wears Almost Same Fluorescent Kit As Players For Second Time This Season

Sunday, 28 April 2019
If you watched yesterday's match between FC Barcelona and UD Levante that officially brought Barca the league title, you may have had problem to distinguish Levante's goalkeeper from their players...

Levante Goalkeeper Wears "Fluorescent Yellow" While Players Wear "Fluorescent Yellow" Kits

Both the UD Levante goalkeeper Aitor Fernández and their players were wearing almost identical fluorescent uniforms - the difference was that the jersey of the Levante keeper was fluorescent yellow while those of the players was fluorescent green.

However, while the different shades of the fluo colors made it possible to distinguish them, the referee should have not allowed Levante's keeper to wear that kit...

Interestingly, a look in the past reveals that it was not the first time that the Levante keeper and players used almost the same kit - they already face Barcelona in the Copa del Rey with the kits - So it seems to be a trick of the keeper to make it harder for Barca players.

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