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Insane Ireland USA 1994 World Cup Shirt

A bold USA 1994 World Cup shirt has got people talking on Twitter. It is made by Penneys, who are know now as Primark.

Penneys (Primark) 1994 World Cup T-Shirt

A bold design, the USA 1994 World Cup Shirt combines the flags of the countries that participated in the 1994 World Cup.

The t-shirt has been designed for Ireland, Penneys (Primark) home. It therefore boasts the Republic of Ireland letter and the Irish flag on the sleeves.

The USA 1994 World Cup Shirt retailed at a price of 8 GBP. Eight years ago, someone sold it as Vintage Men’s 94 World Cup Tee for 35 USD on Poshmark.

Bermuda shorts of this styled 1994 lifestyle shirt were also available.

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