As Classy As It Gets: Umbro 19-20 Teamwear Kits Revealed

Today we want to give you a full overview of the Umbro teamwear range for 2019-2020, which was unveiled earlier this year.

While Umbro's 19-20 teamwear kits are as classic as it gets, it's unlike you'll see them in use in a major league as the brand usually produces bespoke designs for its bigger contracts.

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Umbro Terrace Jersey

Umbro Nazca Jersey

Umbro Vision Jersey

Umbro 50/50 Jersey

Umbro Stadion Jersey

Umbro Tempest Jersey

Umbro Spartan Jersey

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No less than ten different options are available. They retail at €18 and €30.

What's your favorite Umbro teamwear kit for next season? Comment below.