Did Adidas Copy Nike's 'Raised On Concrete' Boot Collection For '302 Redirect' Pack?

Adidas this month released what is their last boot pack of the the 2018-2019 season - the stunning "302 Redirect" pack. However, Spanish football boot experts Botas de Jugadores noted that the new Adidas "302 Redirect" pack is very similar to a Nike pack of this season - the Nike "Raised On Concrete" collection.

Adidas "302 Redirect" vs Nike "Raised On Concrete" Boot Collections

The different Adidas and Nike collections feature the virtually identical colors - red, silver and black. While this is usually nothing too unusual as there are not infinite colors, even the different silos have the same color combos.

Adidas uses the same colors as Nike for the different silos - Speed (Mercurial & X - Silver / Red), Agility (Hypervenom & Nemeziz - Red / Silver), Control (Phantom VSN & Predator - Silver / Black / Red) and Class / Comfort (Tiempo & Copa - Black / Red / Silver).

So, the main question remains: is the Adidas "302 Redirect" pack stolen from Nike? We think so. Nike's pack was released as first collection of the 2018-19 season in July 2018, so Adidas was aware of the Nike "Raised on Concrete" pack. It could also be coincidence, however

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