Here Is Why Leicester City Striker Iheanacho Has Two Dots Under His Kit's Name

Tuesday, 7 May 2019
If you watched the last minutes of yesterday's Premier League clash between Manchester City and Leicester City, you might have wondered why Leicester City's Iheanacho had two dots under his shirt name. Let us find out why.

The reason for the Nigerian striker to have dots under the first and the last is pretty simple. The 21-year-old Super Eagles forward is a member of the Igbo speaking tribe in the eastern part of Nigeria which makes up a large percentage of the population in the West African nation.

The Igbo language, which has an estimated 24million speakers, has vowels featuring underdots, which change the pronunciation of the letter, with the jaw more open and the tongue lower in the mouth. In Iheanacho’s case, the 'I' and 'o' within his surname include these. As a result, the correct spelling of the striker's name is Ịheanachọ. Iheanacho name literally translates as 'what we are looking for'. He chose to have these dots on his matchday kit.

Interestingly, before joining Leicester, Iheanacho’s Manchester City kits didn't include this personal feature.

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