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Middlesbrough 19-20 Home Kit Released

The new Middlesbrough 2019-2020 home and goalkeeper kits have been released this morning. The kit will be available to pre-order from tomorrow.

Middlesbrough's home shirt for 2019-20 was exclusively revealed by proud Boro fan James Arthur after his homecoming performance at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Middlesbrough on Saturday.

Middlesbrough 2019-2020 Home Jersey

Closely inspired by the iconic 1987-1990 kit, the new Middlesbrough 2019-20 home shirt is red white horizontal stripes running across the top of the chest that gradually get thicker. The 32Red shirt sponsor and the Hummel chevrons on the top of the sleeves are white.

Template-wise, the new Hummel Middlesbrough 2019-2020 home kit is based on the new Hummel kit template for the 2019-2020 season.

The new Hummel Borro kit comes with the new ZeroH20 hummel technology, which means Boro’s 2019/20 kit is more sustainable than ever to produce. In the textile industry, it typically takes 25 litres of clean water to dye a single t-shirt. Every two years, the equivalent of the Mediterranean Sea is used to colour the world’s textiles. Hummel’s ZeroH20 dry-dye concept uses zero water consumption and creates zero waste-water discharges – setting a new standard for eco-efficiency and reducing energy consumption by 50%.

The new Middlesbrough 2019-2020 home kit will be available to pre-order from Monday, May 27 2019.

What do you think of the new Middlesbrough 2019-20 home kit by Hummel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.