New vs Old Adidas Champions League Ball Panel Construction - 2019-20 UEFA Champions League Ball Leaked

Earlier this week, we leaked the new ball for the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League season. The Adidas 19-20 Champions League football does not only feature a fresh new look but also an updated new panel construction.

New Adidas UEFA Champions League Ball Panel Design

While the Adidas Finale 19 UEFA Champions League ball keeps the iconic stars panel look, Adidas updated the way the panels are connected. While they were previously connected on the edges, the panels of the Adidas Finale 19 soccer ball overlap.

The reason for Adidas to change the construction is very likely to increase durability and optimize the flight characteristic.

All other elements and characteristics such as the upper structure and materials are the same as before.

The new Adidas 2019-20 UEFA Champions League OMB is set to be launched in early August 2019.

What do you think of the updated panel design of the 019-20 UEFA Champions League Official Match Ball? Share your thoughts in the comments below.