No More Adidas - FC Luzern Announces Craft Kit Deal

Swedish functional clothing specialist CRAFT will become a new partner of FC Lucerne from the 2019-2020 season for at least two seasons. Craft replaces long-term supplier Adidas.

With the cooperation with FC Luzern, Craft is expanding its commitment in the field of "team sports" and will in future equip the Blue and White with functional sportswear of the highest quality. The partnership is the first commitment for Craft in the highest Swiss professional league, and FC Luzern is accordingly proud of this joint agreement, which was made possible by the official supplier OCHSNER SPORT.

FC Luzern Announces 2-Year Craft Kit Deal

The cooperation between the company with its Swiss headquarters in Cortaillod (NE) and FC Luzern is scheduled to last at least two years. As before, OCHSNER SPORT remains the official supplier of FC Luzern and made the new partnership possible.

"It makes us very proud to welcome Craft to the FCL family for the coming season. We were convinced from the beginning of the discussions that Craft had a great interest in sharing its team sports know-how with FC Luzern. We also felt that Craft shared the same values as FC Luzern - enthusiasm, identification and passion. Of course, we were also convinced by the high quality products, which reinforced our decision to change the brand", says Lukas Troxler, Head of Marketing and Deputy Managing Director of FC Luzern.

The official outfitter OCHSNER SPORT is also delighted: "As a long-standing equipment partner of FC Luzern, we are delighted that we can enable Craft to enter the professional football market in Switzerland with a traditional club like FCL," says Sascha Heyer, Head of Team Sports at OCHSNER SPORT.

"This partnership with FC Luzern gives us particular pleasure. It is a concise expression of our desire to further develop the Craft brand in the field of team sports", underlines Laurent Magne, Managing Director of New Wave Group AG, dealer of the Craft brand. "Thanks to its rich history, its broad fan catchment area from all over Switzerland and the values of the club, FC Luzern is the ideal partner for Craft". The Swedish brand will dress all FC Luzern teams as well as the entire staff, both on the pitch and for training and representation.

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