Spain Kills Adidas Kit Deal

In shocking news, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) just announced that it will terminate its contract with Adidas, which usually would be valid until the 2026 World Cup. In the statement issued by the Federation, other sports brands are urged to contact the federation to find a new collaboration agreement.

Adidas Deal Does Not Meet "Criteria Of Legality, Transparency And Equity of RFEF"

According to the statement of the RFEF, the deal with Adidas does not meet criteria of "legality, transparency and equity that the RFEF considers minimally acceptable".

The RFEF also said that it will continue to wear Adidas kits "until the date on which the contractual resolution takes effect". Additionally, the federation invited the brands of the sector to address it to be the next technical provider of their selections, championships and sports equipment.

Full statement:

"The contract with Adidas was valid until 2026. The conditions that were agreed upon when it was signed years ago do not conform to the criteria of legality, transparency and equity that the RFEF considers minimally acceptable.
The RFEF will continue to comply with the agreement with Adidas until the date on which the contractual resolution takes effect.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is starting negotiations today to sign a new technical supplier of sportswear. All those brands of the sector that decide so, will have the opportunity to address the RFEF with the aim of being the next technical supplier of their selections, championships, sports equipment, etc ...

After months of unsuccessful conversations with Adidas and the impossibility of an understanding, the RFEF begins from this precise moment the proceedings for the hiring of a new technical brand. In the meantime, and until a new contract begins in an executive way, the commitments acquired with this clothing brand will be maintained from this institution."

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