Adidas Regista 20 Template Revealed - to Be Used in 2020-21 Season

Today we can give you another in-depth look at an Adidas template for next year, this time Regista 20.

Using a two-year cycle just like most other Adidas templates, the Regista 20 template will replace the infamous Regista 18 - used for example on the iconic Ajax 18-19 away kit - in late 2019 / early 2020. We will very likely see it used on plenty of 20-21 kits for smaller clubs.

All-New Adidas Condivo 20 Template Leaked - to Be Used in 2020-21 Season

Adidas Regista 20 Template

This is the new Adidas Regista 20 soccer jersey.

The Adidas Regista 20 shirt has a more modern, streamlined look overall than the Condivo. It has a simple collar and a subtle sleeve gradient print.

The sleeves on the Regista 20 template are cut in a way that's immediately reminiscent of the recent Nike and Puma designs.

The 3 Stripes sit on the shoulders of the Regista 20 jersey. There are colored-in side panels.

So far we cannot confirm which will be the initial colorways on offer for the Adidas Regista 20 template, although we know that it will be released as a customizable miadidas option in early 2020.

Adidas' new AEROREADY material makes its debut with the 2020 range, replacing CLIMALITE, and it's also what's used for this template, the Regista 20. AEROREADY is supposed to offer improved wicking properties and "feel dry".

There are no dedicated new shorts for the Regista 20 template, with Adidas recommending to use the Regista 19 shorts, which are already available today.

Set for a debut in late 2019 / early 2020, the Adidas Regista 20 jersey will retail at around €40 ($40). The miadidas version will cost slightly more.

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