Camo Adidas Juventus 19-20 Kit Font Released - Away Kit Leak Confirmed

Update: We added some further close-up pictures as well as an image showing all numbers and letters of the Adidas Juventus 2019-2020 kit font.

The Adidas Juventus 2019-2020 kit font features a special pattern which also confirm the Juventus 2019-2020 away kit by Adidas. Thanks to Juve kit experts @La_Bianconera for the spot.

Adidas Juventus 19-20 Kit Font

The numbers of the Adidas Juventus 19-20 jersey come with a subtle camouflage pattern - it is the same graphic pattern that will feature on the Adidas Juventus 2019-2020 away kit that has not been released yet.

Juventus 19-20 Away Kit Leaked - Confirmed

Apart from the camouflage pattern and other small visual changes, the style of Adidas Juventus 2019-2020 names and numbers is the same as those from the 2018-2019 season.

Juventus FC 18-19 Kit Font Revealed

The typeface for the Adidas Juventus 19-20 home kit costs 15 Euro in the official Juventus store. This means that the authentic version with Cristiano Ronaldo printed on the back retails at a price of 145 Euro, while the replica edition is available for 105 Euro.

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