PES 2020 Announced - Messi & Ronaldinho Cover Stars, Trailer, Stadiums, Features + Licenses

Some days ago, EA Sports officially revealed FIFA 20. Now KONAMI also officially announced PES 2020, which is set to be launched around two weeks ahead of its rival, on September 10 2019. The game is officially called eFootball PES 2020.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Trailer

PES 2020 wants to revolutionize "eFootball" and present the sport to a broad, global audience. Realism, freedom and control should be important in a playful way.

Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director Brand & Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment adds: "Today's announcement of eFootball PES 2020 and our new positioning recognize the company's commitment to the emerging sport of eFootball and the progress we have made with previous PES titles in this direction. With Konami's continued investment in tournament structures such as PES LEAGUE and eFootball.Pro, as well as our commitment to raising the bar for football simulations, we have never been more excited about the future of eFootball's PES series".

"The experience of legendary midfielder Andrés Iniesta helped the latest offshoot of the PES series to focus on immersion and authenticity. His innate ability to read his environment like no other player, to find gaps in even almost insurmountable defensive lines and to use them for himself, is honored in the game with a new, dynamic dribble technique: the Finesse Dribble. With Ronaldinho, players of PES 2020 can look forward to one of the most entertaining footballers of all time. His unique playing style is fully integrated into the game thanks to special animations, allowing players to move on the pitch like Ronaldinho himself - with his unparalleled technical prowess, body control when playing opponents, and spectacular first-touch ball handling with his chest or back," it continues.

Renewed Master League

"The Master League mode is experiencing great innovations. First and foremost, there will be an interactive dialogue system that gives players complete control over the course of the story - for example, with choices for answers. The transfer market will also be revised. The new algorithm should guarantee that transfers, transfer fees, salaries and other elements are always linked to real conditions."

Other innovations include:
- Create and customize sponsor logos to be displayed on the media backdrop and on the Master League main menu screen during interviews.
- Individual adaptation of trainer models. Thanks to powerful 3D scan technology, there is more freedom for different body shapes and sizes.
- Alternatively, the Master League can also be played with a legend as a coach avatar - with Zico, Cruyff and Maradona among them."

New Mode: Matchday

"In weekly events, they have the choice to battle it out on one of two sides and collect valuable points for the victory of their own faction with successful actions in the game. Both PES newcomers and experienced veterans of the series unite in this game mode to gain a decisive advantage over the Grand Final for their side. At the end of each weekly event, all points scored are analyzed to determine which player from each side performed best. These two players will represent the selected side in the Grand Final, which can be watched in full length via the livestream feed in Matchday mode."

Additional Features

"In addition to the Master League and Matchday mode, there are numerous changes to PES 2020 based directly on fan feedback. These include improved and additional ball acceptance, player context-sensitive shot accuracy, more realistic defense, the addition of a deliberate tactical foul execution, an adaptive player interaction system that brings player personalities to the fore on the court - and many more features. "

A revised lighting engine, improved player models, "realistic" cutscenes, more detailed replay functions and a new camera perspective for real TV feeling are also mentioned.

PES 2020 will be also released in an exclusive digital Legend Edition with Ronaldinho on the cover. "For example, Ronaldinho is available in the Legend Edition in a 2019 version using the latest 3D scanning technology and players will receive Lionel Messi as a loan player for ten games in myClub mode. Pre-orderers of the digital version of the game will also receive Andrés Iniesta as well other legends."

eFootball PES 2020 for PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One, the next offshoot of the PES series, which has been given the bonus word "eFootball", will launch on 10 September 2019.

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