Schalke 19-20 Third Kit Released

Schalke 04's 19-20 third kit was unveiled earlier today at the official season opening, confirming the previous leak.

Schalke 19-20 Away Kit Leaked

Umbro Schalke 04 19-20 Third Kit

This is the new Umbro Schalke 04 third shirt for 2019-20.

The Umbro Schalke 19-20 third jersey is black with white logos and an eye-catching dotted gradient graphic on the front. This aspect of Schalke 04's 2019-2020 third shirt is inspired by the hardcore supporters in the famous Nordkurve.

The logos on the Umbro Schalke 04 2019-2020 third jersey are white, while the full-color variant of the club badge is used by Umbro. 'Wir leben dich' is printed on the upper back below the collar.

The shorts and socks of the Schalke 04 2019-2020 third strip are black.

Available from August 11, the Schalke 04 2019-20 third jersey retails at €84.95.

Schalke 19-20 Home Kit Released

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