All The Same vs 100% Unique - Adidas vs Nike 19-20 Pre-Match Jerseys

Monday, 29 July 2019
Adidas and Nike have unveiled the new pre-match jerseys for all of their sponsored teams. We want to compare Adidas' and Nike's 19-20 Pre-Match, revealing that the brands have a very different strategy.

2019-2020 Adidas vs Nike Pre-Match Jerseys

Adidas 2019-20 pre-match jerseys have been created in cooperation with Parley, just in previous years. And as in the past few seasons, they all come with the same template and design.

Nike's jerseys have been often criticized for being too plane and to look almost identical, but that can be not said about their 2019-2020 pre-match shirts.

Some of Adidas' 19-20 Pre-Match pre-match jerseys

For us, with Nike designing bespoke and mainly great-looking pre-match jerseys for all clubs, it is no question if they win the battle against Adidas in terms of pre-match shirts...

Nike's 19-20 Pre-Match jerseys

For the international (third) pre-match jerseys, however, Nike does also use the same design for all kits. Adidas will release special international training jerseys only, which will likely also serve as pre-match uniforms.

What do you think of Adidas not releasing bespoke pre-match jerseys for their biggest clubs? Whose pre-match jersey concept do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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