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Here's Which Socks Antoine Griezmann Started Wearing at FC Barcelona

Debuting at FC Barcelona last week, Griezmann surprised closer followers of his with his choice of socks. Instead of using the default Nike option, as he had done at Atlético, Griezmann opted for the anti-slip socks produced by Austrian company Tapedesign.

It's not the first that a Barcelona player uses the socks, which have a pretty eye-catching design with a big logo at the back and the brand name written along the side. At the beginning of last season, Griezmann's new team-mate Ivan Rakitic started to wear the socks.

Officially called the Tapedesign Allround socks, they offer a similar prospect as the more famous 'TruSox', which burst onto the scene in the first years of this decade. The socks feature specially placed rubber knobs on the outside in ergonomic foot shape for a perfect fit in the shoe. Unlike Trusox, they do not come with rubber knobs on the inside - Trusox has patented this technology.

We actually gave the Tapedesign socks, which retail at €30 a pair, a review last year. You could say we were quite excited about them and it's no wonder that they are the choice of so many pros.

Have you given the Tapedesign socks a try yet? Let us know in the comments below.