Whose Is Better? Adidas vs Nike 2019-20 Black Packs

As it has been tradition since a few years, Adidas and Nike will release a black collection of football boots this summer. We compare the new Adidas and Nike Black Packs for Summer 2019 / the 2019-2020 season.

Adidas 'Dark Script' vs Nike 'Under the Radar' 2019-2020 Black Packs

The Adidas 2019-20 black collection is called 'Dark Script', whereas Nike's pack is dubbed 'Under the Radar' 2019-2020.

If we compare the looks of the boots, Adidas' and Nike's cleats are quite different. Adidas does without accent colors but with shimmering effects (except the Nemeziz), whereas Nike uses a second color for each boot (e.g. Tiempo, blue - Phantoms - Volt).

Both the Adidas 'Dark Script' and Nike 'Under the Radar' 2019-2020 Black Packs are set for a launch in July 2019. Both will be not worn by the brand's best players.

Whose pack do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.