2019-20 Top 5 European Leagues Kit Battle - Adidas & Nike Supply Less and Less Teams, Growing Kit Supplier Diversity

Over the past few weeks, we haven taken a detailed look at the kit battles in each of the Top 5 European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain). Now we want to give you an overview of the battle of brands in the Big 5 leagues.

Since a few years, Adidas and Nike more and more concentrate on deals with the biggest clubs. This trend has continued, so manufacturers such as Lotto, Macron and Umbro were able to gain market share again.

2019-20 Top 5 League Kit Makers

Adidas, Puma and Nike make the jerseys for 43 of the 98 clubs of Europe's Top 5 leagues (44%).

Nike: 18
Adidas: 13
Puma: 12

Macron: 10
Joma: 9
Umbro: 8
Kappa: 8
New: Balance: 4
Kelme: 2
Le: Coq: Sportif: 2
Lotto: 2
Uhlsport: 2
Hummel: 2
Errea: 2
Under: Armour: 1
Jako: 1
Saller: 1
M908: (Lecce: In-House): 1

Nike leads with 18 teams. Adidas comes second with 13 clubs, while arch rivals Puma just have one team less under contract. However, the smaller brands are not far behind.

In fact, Macron supplies the kits for 10 teams, only three less than the big Three Stripes. Joma, Umbro and Kappa also have got many Top 5 leagues teams under contract.


La Liga

Ligue 1

Premier League

Serie A

However, in terms of the quality and importance of the kit deals, Adidas, Nike and now also Puma have most of the best teams under contract - they concentrate on the big teams and do not want to supply as many teams as possible.

Under Armour just is the kit supplier for one Top 5 leagues team - Southampton.

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