Barca, Arsenal, Juventus, Man Utd & 6 Others - 10 'Plain' Man City-Inspired Concept Kits

Puma released a special 125-years anniversary kit for Manchester City at the start of this month. Inspired by the design, BleacherReport created an illustration featuring Man City-jersey esque plain designs. We check them out in detail below.

Plain Shirts Inspired By Man City For 10 Big Clubs

The idea of BleacherReport is almost as simple as the kit from Puma for Man City. They removed all the details from the kits of Barca, Bayern & Co to create simple, plain designs that look like shirts from 100 years ago.

However, while most of them look rather good, the ones of FC Barcelona and Juventus are both a no-go for us - the graphic has been possibly created by someone not into the tradition of football, and football kits especially.


FC Barcelona





Real Madrid

Manchester United



Which of these is your favorite? Would you like other brands / clubs release such kits? Do you like Puma's Manchester City kit? Let us know in the comments below.