Cheaper And Better? 6 Training / Pre-Match Jerseys You Should Get Instead Of The Actual Kit

Tuesday, 13 August 2019
Some days ago, we took a look at our Top 10 2019-2020 Pre-Match jerseys. Previously, we already featured some training / pre-match jerseys that actually offer a much better price-performance ratio than the actual kits. In this article, we want to take a look at six remarkable cases where it might be better to get the pre-match / training shirt instead of the actual kit.

Brands have released a lot of great and unique pre-match jerseys this year, and so there are more options than ever before. The picture above shows a special Adidas MLS 2019 pre-match uniform.

There are also some cases where the pre-match jersey looks like a design variant that was decided not to get the final kit, e.g. some of Umbro's training / pre-match designs for 2019-2020 such as Schalke.

Tech-wise, the pre-match jerseys are often better than the replica (fan) versions in terms of performance. In example, Adidas' and Nike's replica jerseys feature stitched crests, while their pre-match jerseys come with heat-printed logos, just as the authentic (player issue) jerseys. The pre-match shirts of the big brand also often have a player's fit, the same as the authentic shirts.

Insane - Many Replica Kits Are ~20 GBP More Expensive Than 'Identical' Training Jerseys

Leicester City

£55 vs £31.99

Puma (e.g. FC Ingolstadt)

75 Euro vs 35 Euro

Schalke 04

85 Euro vs 55 Euro


100 Euro vs 45 Euro


60 GBP vs 45 GBP


85 Euro vs 55 Euro

The actual kits, of course, are much more important as they have the bonus of being worn in what counts - the 90 minutes. It might be often nevertheless clever to take a look at the pre-match offering....

Do you know other pre-match jerseys that have a great price-performance ratio? What do you think of brands doing this? Do you think it is is justified to spend so much more money on the actual kit in some cases? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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