Forever Adipure - Toni Kroos Reveals Details About His Boots

Around one month ago, a film about German and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos was launched. The movie starts with a scene in which he scrubs his classic iconic Adidas 11pro football shoes, showing off how important they are for him. In the days of the release of the movie, Toni Kroos revealed some details about him and his football boot witness.

Toni Kroos Needs Perfectly Cleaned, White Boots

Toni Kroos is famous for wearing the same six-year old Adidas 11pro football shoes since ever the were released, in early 2013. He only trained a few times in other boots, but he never wore another boot than the White / Sky Blue Adidas 11pro football shoes in an official match since 2013.

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"My football boots are the most important thing when I go out on the pitch. I have to play in white shoes, that's a little tick of mine. Even the smallest bit of dirt disturbs me. That's why I clean and care for my shoes myself."

In fact, Kroos' boots used to be very dirty until some time ago, but since a few months they are always perfectly cleaned.

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Toni Kroos 2010 World Cup boots

He also said that Adidas is solely producing the classic Adidas Adipure 11pro football boots for him. He also said that he will never again play with other cleats in his career.

Custom whiteout Adidas Copa 19 boots from Adidas - only worn in one training session....

"Some people think he's lost his marbles," explains the late twenties smiling, "but when I look down, I want to see white shoes, otherwise I don't feel well.

Of course, Toni Kroos returned after the summer break wearing his beloved Adidas 11pro football shoes.

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