Including Football Boots: Nike Launches First Shoe Subscription

Friday, 23 August 2019
Hopping onto the latest trends, Nike has launched their first shoe subscription service. So far, 'Nike Adventure Club' is only available for kids and only in the United States.

How does it work?

There are three tiers to choose from with Nike's Adventure Club:

  • $20 / month - 4 pairs / year ($60 per shoe)
  • $30 / month - 6 pairs / year ($60 per shoe)
  • $50 / month - 12 pairs / year ($50 per shoe)

As you can see, only the top tier offers a better value for the money compared to tier 1 and 2.

Depending on the delivery frequency of the selected plan, parents and their kids will be able to choose a pair of shoe from the selection that is available on the site.

Shoe sizes range from size 4C to 7Y - roughly from age 2 to 10. The shoe selection is not huge but it ranges a number of sports and styles and even includes two dedicated football boots: the Phantom Venom Club (RRP: $50) and the Phantom Vision Academy (RRP: $60).

It's possible to send back shoes after kids have outgrown them. Nike will then either donate or recycle the returned sneaker. In the case of recycling, the shoes will be grinded down and used to produce playground surfaces.

“We see Nike Adventure Club sits as having a unique place within Nike, and not just for it being the first sneaker club for kids,” says Dave Cobban, GM of Nike Adventure Club. “It provides a wide range of options for kids, while at the same time, it removes a friction point for parents who are shopping on their behalf.”

Nike Adventure Club kicked off on August 12. It looks to have been pretty popular as it's not possibly to sign up outright at the moment. A waiting list is available.


Subscriptions have definitely taken a prominent role for consumers and have long eclipsed online services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. A survey by McKensey last year found that 15% of online shoppers in the US have signed up for one or more of product subscription services.

Although these subscriptions often do not bring a benefit in terms of cost - with Nike Adventure Club being no exception, consumers highly value the convenience. The kids' market, which requires parents to frequently buy new shoes to keep up with the growth of their children seems like a good choice here.

A major downside is the fact that the shoe selection is not that big and only includes Nike shoes, obviously.

What do you think about Nike's new shoe subscription? Let us know in the comments below.
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