INSANE - Welsh Club Steals Iconic Lazio Jersey & Makes It To 'Tanker' Kit

Saturday, 3 August 2019
Welsh club Holyhead Town FC got famous on social media for their new kit that is obviously inspired by one of the most famous kits in football - the Lazio 'eagle' jersey.

Holyhead Town is a Anglesey (Anglesey is an island off the north coast of Wales) based football club also known as the Harbour Men.

Teejac Sports Holyhead Town FC 'Tanker' Jersey

Closely inspired by the iconic Lazio eagle kit design, the Holyhead Town FC 2019 jersey is white and sky blue with a freighter replacing the famous Lazio eagle. It is one of the oddest kit design edits we have ever seen.

The Holyhead Town FC 2019-20 jersey has been produced by Teejac Sports, a Welsh company of high quality customised and personalised sports kits, team kits active since 14 years.

In fact, Holyhead Town is not the only team that got a 'bespoke' stolen kit from Teejac Sports. The brand also produced a Man Utd inspired kit for a lower-division team as well as many other bespoke kits.

The Holyhead Town FC kit is not available to buy.

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