Mitre Community Shield 2019 Ball Unveiled

Mitre, official ball supplier for the Community Shield, have presented the special-edition football that will be used for the match between Manchester City and Liverpool on Sunday. The ball will not be available to buy.

Mitre Delta Max 2019 Community Shield Football

Based on the FA and EFL Mitre Delta Max balls, the Community Shield 2019 soccer ball is white with a black and red upper graphic that mostly consists of triangles.

As mentioned before, this ball is a special creation for this match only and will not be available to buy. The FA and EFL Mitre Delta Max footballs retail at GBP 115 and have the following characteristics:

Mitre Delta Max - Features

  • Crafted with a unique 14-panel configuration for consistent energy and power transfer from boot to ball for incredible speed.
  • Embossed and textured surface manipulates airflow around the ball for pin-point accuracy and superior speed.
  • Hyperfoam backed lining coverts power in pure kinetic energy for boosted speed.
  • A 1.5mm PU outer material made for improved feel, durability and power – a big game performer.
  • Developed with a laminated power bladder that ensures ball shape and flight remain true – whilst ensuring added power to help guide shots.
  • Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam™ technology for almost zero water uptake, helping the ball last in any weather.
  • Price: GBP 115

Do you like the football produced by Mitre for the 2019 FA Community Shield? Let us know in the comments below.