New Wales Logo & Visual Identity Unveiled

The Football Association of Wales today unveiled its all-new visual identity and, most importantly, new national team logo.

Wales 2019 Logo

To be used on the next Wales kits, the brand-new logo sees the Dragon take center stage and the overall structure simplified.

The ‘Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae’ motto, as well as the Daffodils that were placed inside the green border on the previous design, have been removed from the badge and will instead be stitched onto the upper back of the new Wales football shirts.

As part of the new FA Wales visual identity, a custom font, inspired by Welsh slate carving and modern sport typefaces, was created. It looks quite nice and we'll hopefully also see it used on the new kits.

Read even more about the FA Wales rebranding in the official announcement.

Produced by Adidas, the Wales Euro 2020 home kit is set to be launched in October - November 2019. So far, no details on the new Wales jersey(s) have been leaked.

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