No Global Supplier Deal - Here Is Which Ball Was Used In Bayern's German Cup First Round Match

If you watched yesterday's first round German cup match between fourth-division team Energie Cottbus and Bundesliga giants FC Bayern Munich, you might have wondered which ball they were using. We take a closer look at the pictures to find it out.

The reason why an uncommon ball was used is pretty simple- the German DFB Pokal has no global supplier deal except for the big final (Adidas ball)- therefore, teams are free to use any FIFA-approved ball they want - Energie Cottbus did use the high-end match ball of their supplier Jako, as the pictures reveal.

Jako-Sponsored FC Bayern München Opponent Cottbus Uses Jako Match Ball Galaxy 2.0 Ball In First DFB Pokal Round

The ball used in the match is called Jako Ball Galaxy 2.0 Match. The football has a seamless non-traditional 14 panels design. The overall look of the ball is similar to the balls of big brand Adidas, especially the Adidas Euro 2012 football.

The Jako Ball Galaxy 2.0 Match is FIFA PRO licensed and can be used as an official match ball in the professional leagues. Bonding technology seamlessly connects the 14 panels of the football. The GALAXY 2.0 Match is particularly durable and can withstand a variety of loads. The structured surface guarantees an optimal ball feeling on all surfaces.

inside look

The natural rubber bladder guarantees minimal air loss.

Jako Match Ball Galaxy 2.0 Match - Features

  • FIFA-approved, official match ball
  • Bonding technology
  • 14 panel
  • Structured surface
  • Natural rubber bladder
  • PU

The Jako Match Ball Galaxy 2.0 football has a retail price of 120 Euro. However, the ball is currently available for just 50 Euro on the brand's official website.

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Which other important competitions do you know that don't have a global supplier deal? Comment below.