No More Nike From 2020 - Adidas Boca Juniors Home, Away & Third Kit Concepts By Saintetixx

After 23 years with Nike, Boca Juniors has decided to leave the Swoosh for the Three Stripes brand Adidas, who will make the kits for Boca Juniors from 2020 onwards. Already some weeks ago, French graphic designer Saintetixx has created three Adidas Boca Juniors concept jerseys.

Adidas Boca Juniors Concept Kits By Saintetixx

The Saintetixx Adidas Boca Juniors concept kits boast modern looks. They are all based on the same template and inspired by the club's history.


Saintetixx's Boca home kit features the famous Boca Juniors shirt design consisting of a blue body and a yellow chest band. The chest band is much thinner than the one of Nike's 2019 Boca Juniors kit.


A clean and stylish look, the Boca Juniors shirt concept design is white with a subtle stars pattern and blue / yellow Three Stripes on the side.


The third jersey concept boasts a bold look in black and yellow, based on the same design as the home shirt.

Which of Saintetixx's kits is your favorite? Do you look forward to see what Adidas has prepared for Boca? Let us know in the comments below.