No Need For A New Kit? Puma Crystal Palace 19-20 vs 18-19 Sash Kits

Crystal Palace's new 19-20 third kit got released recently. The white and blue / red Sash kit was an instant hit amongst many. However, it is pretty similar to a kit Puma released for the club just one year ago...

The 2019-20 third kit of Crystal Palace from Puma is very similar to the 2018-19 away kit. What's immediately visible is that, although the design idea is 'the same', there are a number of key differences between the 2018-19 and the 2019-20 Crystal Palace white Sash shirts.

Puma Crystal Palace 19-20 3rd vs 18-19 Away Kits

Most importantly, the new white Crystal Palace away jersey has a different, more interesting Sash. The new kit also comes only with blue applications, whereas last season's had blue and red applications.

However, even though the new Palace 19-20 third kit looks pretty stunning, the fact that Puma just got their kit supplier last year, leaves us desperate what Puma were thinking when releasing / designing the new kit. They could have just waited one or two seasons before again releasing a Sash kit, we think.

The new and old Crystal Palace 2019-2020 Puma kits as well as the two other alternative shirts of the German brand (18-19 third - yellow & 19-20 away - black) have not much in common, in contrast.

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