Inspired By Uruguay - São Paulo 19-20 Third Kit Released

Sao Paulo's new 2019-2020 third jersey was released already some days ago. Made by Adidas and set to be worn in next season's Campeonato Brasileiro campaign, the new third kit is a tribute to the many Uruguayans who have played for the club.

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São Paulo Adidas 2019-2020 Third Kit

This is the São Paulo 19-20 third jersey.

Based on Adidas' infamous Tiro 19 template, São Paulo's 19-20 third football shirt is light blue with the eponymous pattern appearing ina slightly darker, more saturated shade of the collar.

The colorway of Sao Paulo's new 2019-20 third jersey is a tribute to the many Uruguayans who have worn the club's shirt, including Darío Pereyra, Pablo Forlán, Diego Lugano and Pedro Rocha.

Club colors black and red are present on the neck of the new São Paulo 2019-2020 third shirt as well as in the form of the logos on the front and the 3 Stripes along the sides, which are all black.

The stars did not appear in the release images, but were added by the brand in the official presentation. In addition, a special seal with the Uruguayan flag was applied to the left sleeve.

The shorts and the socks of the São Paulo 2019-20 third kit are black, just as worn by Uruguay.

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