Worst Launch Of All Time? Adidas Knit Jerseys Two Years On Still On Stock - Massively Reduced Prize

Update: When browsing some online stores to find unreleased products and other things that might be of interest, we came across a limited-edition (2018 pieces) 'revolutionary' shirt that we had almost forgotten - the first-ever full knitted football jersey by Adidas (made entirely out of Primeknit), based on the Germany 2018 World Cup kit.

Adidas Knit Germany Kit Still Available

The fully knitted Adidas 2018 World Cup kit is still available at various retailers, including the US site of renowned retailer Pro:Direct Soccer. It retails at a price of 81 USD instead of 200 USD, which still seems to be too high. It was limited to just 2018 pieces.

the standard replica Germany Adidas 2018 World Cup kit is available for 13,50 Euro

What is also interesting is that the regular Germany Adidas 2018 World Cup kit is still available to buy at many stores. The cheapest price we found it for are quite insane 13,50 Euro.

Original Story From September 2019: Just 30 Euro Instead Of 200 Euro - Stores Still Try To Get Rid Of 'Revolutionary' Limited Adidas Knit Germany Kits

On June 1 2018, shortly ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Adidas launched a never-before-seen revolution - the first-ever football jersey made entirely out of Primeknit. However, even though each kit was strictly limited to just 2,018 shirts, the Three Stripes brand's product is still available, and that for a fraction of the original price..

The Adidas Germany Knit Jerseys come in the designs of the Germany World Cup home and away kits, while introducing the totally-new Primeknit construction that makes (almost) all seams obsolete.

Adidas Germany Knit Kits Available From Just 30 Euro

The Adidas Germany 2018 World Cup knit home kit is available for just 40 Euro instead of 200 Euro in the biggest German soccer store (11Teamsports). The away kit is even available to purchase for just 30 Euro, a reduction of incredible 85 %.

We think that there are many, many reasons why the shirts are available for such a low price. First, they have the same designs as the kits + weird Adidas 18 print on the back (boring). Second, Germany's World Cup campaign was the worst of a World Cup ever (unsuccessful World Cup for Germany). Third, the items were overpriced, so not many bought them after the launch (when it was not known that Germany would be so unsuccessful...).

The Knit Adidas Germany collection did not only include two jerseys but also sweatshirts that are completely knitted. Those had a retail price of 250 Euro but are available for just 50 Euro now.

We think that the reason why Adidas' Germany knit kit is no more available in the brand's online store is simple - the Three Stripes remove items that are not sold after a specific time from their online shop to sell them in their outlets.

What do you think of the knitted Adidas Germany kit? Would you buy the away for 30 Euro? Share your thoughts in the comments below.