Black Iridescent Next-Gen Nike Phantom Vision 2 Boots Leaked

Earlier this week, we gave you a full look at the launch version of the next-gen Phantom Vision. Today we reveal the Nike Phantom Vision 2 from the 'Black Pack' that will be also released in early 2020.

FAKE?! Next-Gen Nike Phantom Vision 2 Boots Leaked

Nike Phantom Vision 2 - Black / Black

This picture shows the next-gen Nike Phantom VSN II soccer boot in black.

Almost a complete blackout, the next-gen Nike Phantom Vision boots are black with just a subtle iridescent finish found in the brandings: the Swoosh outlines on the in- and outside, as well as the PhantomVSN writing on the heel and a triangle on the front pull tab.

As mentioned in our article earlier this week, the next-gen Nike Phantom Vision still features the trademark lace-cover found on the debut generation. Apart from that, it's clear that the fakers had a close look at the original before creating their replica.

Nike Phantom Vision takedown (Academy)
Whereas the sole plate appears unchanged, a pull tab has been added to the front of the collar in order to allow for easier putting on of the shoes. Compared to the current-gen Nike Phantom VSN Academy, which is the third tier takedown, the material used for the lace-cover is much more sturdy and resembles the neoprene-like one used for the collar itself. With the first generation, the lace-cover proved a bit of a problem and many people reported that it broke on their pairs.

Fake Colorway

Part of the early 2020 'Black Pack', these Nike Phantom Vision 2 boots are set to be launched in January or February. They will be the debut colorway of the next-gen Phantom VSN together with the red one.

Early 2020 Release + Colorways: Next-Gen Nike Phantom VSN 2 Boots Info Leaked

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