"Buy A 5, Get A 6 For Free" - Odd Atalanta 19-20 Kit Font Released

Atalanta is wearing a bespoke typeface in the 2019-20 season. The style is really unique but also a bit uncommon, a least for two numbers...

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Atalanta 19-20 Font

The below image shows the new Atalanta 2019-2020 typeface on the back of the home kit.

The Atalanta 2019-20 font comes with hard edges only on the 'outside areas', resulting in a stylish, playful look.

When directly comparing the number 5 and 6, it stands out that they are almost identical - the designer just removed a few pints from the 5 to create the 6. A bit lazy as this is usually done only for certain numbers.

The Atalanta BC crest is placed at the bottom.

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However, as currently no Atalanta player is wearing the #65 or #56 kit, the problem currently only exists 'on the paper'.

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