C.F. Damm - The Team You Never Heard Of Owned By Barca Sponsor Estralla Damm - History, Logo, Kits, Philosophy - In Detail

Wednesday, 4 September 2019
On Sunday, the second-oldest youth team of Catalan giants FC Barcelona faced a very interesting opponent in the highest youth division that caught our attention - Club de Futbol Damm (C.F. Damm). We take a closer look at the team that that is very common in the world of soccer.

Club de Futbol Damm is a Spanish football team not founded by usual people but by beer company S.A. Damm from Barcelona (the name origins directly from the company's name - Damm is not a city if you are wondering). The reason why you like never heard of them is that C.F. Damm is solely dedicated to youth football.

Estralla Damm is the main beer of S.A. Damm (Sociedad Anónima Damm). S.A. Damm a Spanish brewery founded in Barcelona in 1876. S.A. Damm is the main brewery in the city - their most famous beer is called Estrella Damm. Estralla Damm has a partnership with FC Barcelona since more than 25 years.

C.F. Damm History, Logo, Kits, Philosophy


Club de Futbol Damm was founded in 1954 by brewery S.A. Damm. The teams's first president was Antonio Carrera. He was followed in office by men like Francesc Barcons, Àngel Rodríguez and Antonio Guiu. In 1959, Josep Barcons entered the presidency, who remained in office until 2011, when he was relieved by Ramon Agenjo.

CF Damm started with a youth team, made up of players from 15 to 18 years old. In 1973 ,the entity was formed by 8 teams and 150 players, today there are 200 players spread across 11 teams and 64 children from the football school.

The first youth team of CF Damm has practically always remained in the elite of Spanish youth soccer, competing with teams of the professional clubs of Spanish football. The club's greatest achievement was reaching the final of the youth Copa del Rey final in 1967.


The CF Damm logo is closely inspired by the logo of the beer Estralla Damm, which is similar to the logo of Red Bull-owned football clubs. The CF Damm logo is red with a yellow star and a FC Barcelona-esque shape.


CF Damm's home jerseys have been red and white since every they were founded. Currently, they are wearing rather standard Nike jerseys with the Damm logo on the chest and the crest on the left chest. Their Nike home kits also include a vertical stripe running down the center.


Club de Futbol Damm has been not founded to compete on senior level. Its aim is to help players to develop and join other senior clubs in the region.

Many famous players have played for C.F. Damm for at least one year in their youth. They are considered as the third-best youth team in Barcelona. Players from Espanyol and Barca often find a place in their team, and players from C.F. Damm often move to one of the two well-known teams from Barcelona.

Famous Players


Players who played for Club de Futbol Damm for at least one season in their youth include Keita Baldé, Spain Cristian Tello, Isaac Cuenca and Gerard Moreno.

    What do you think of brewery Estralla Damm having their own football team that helps players to develop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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