Big Nike Update: Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All Leaks & Info

Monday, 9 March 2020
Update: We've added the latest Nike leaks to the Euro 2020 Kit Overview. We expect the remainder of Euro 2020 jerseys to be released this month.

Update: 20 of the 24 teams that will take part in the UEFA Euro 2020 are now clear. The last four countries to qualify will be defined in special play-offs in March 2020.

Puma (away) and Adidas (home) have released half of their Euro 2020 kits already. Nike's home and away, as well as the rest of the Adidas and Puma kits will be released in March 2020, which is when the next international matchdays will take place.

Group A


Turkey Euro 2020 Home & Away Kits

The Turkey Euro 2020 kits are made by Nike and introduce super-classy designs.


Italy Euro 2020 Home KitItaly Euro 2020 Away Kit

Italy's Euro 2020 away kit boasts a clean design in white and navy, including a subtle intricate all-over pattern. The home is similarly classy and even features a polo collar, similar to the one found on the uber-popular 'Rennaisance kit' last year.


Wales Euro 2020 Home KitWales Euro 2020 Away Kit

The Wales Euro 2020 home kit, made by Adidas and featuring the new federation badge, was already released in November 2019. The away will follow in March.


Switzerland Euro 2020 Home KitSwitzerland Euro 2020 Away Kit

The Switzerland Euro 2020 home kit features a very dark shade of red, combined with a hoop pattern and white logos. The away meanwhile boasts a multicolor mountain graphic on the front, representing the country's four official languages.

Group B


Denmark's Euro 2020 kits will be made by Hummel. There hasn't been any leak so far.


Finland Euro 2020 Home & Away Kits

Made by Nike, we expect the Finland 2020 kits to introduce clean and simple designs based on the new Nike template.


Belgium Euro 2020 Home KitBelgium Euro 2020 Away Kit

Both new Belgium kits got leaked a long time before the start of the tournament. While the home is very unique, the away stays very close to the Condivo 20 base template.

The new Belgium logo makes its debut on the 2020 jerseys.

New Belgium LogoBelgium Euro 2020 Training Kits


Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit

Russia's Euro 2020 kit introduces a patriotic design inspired by the Russian flag.

Group C


Netherlands Euro 2020 Home & Away KitsNetherlands 2020 Third Kit

The Netherlands 2020 Euro home jersey boasts a bold lion print while black is used in addition to the traditional orange. The away is black, while there might also be a blue third.


Joma is set to produce the Ukraine Euro kits.


Austria Euro 2020 Away Kit

Austria's Euro 2020 away kit features a novel black, teal and gold colorway that's inspired by Art Nouveau. It's also the first-ever Austria jersey to feature the new federation logo.

All-New Austria Logo Leaked

Group D


England Euro 2020 Home KitEngland Euro 2020 Away Kit

The England Euro 2020 home shirt is blue with central Nike and federation logos. The away is royal blue with red, a bold new look for the team.


Nike Croatia Euro 2020 Home KitCroatia Euro 2020 Away Kit

The Croatia 2020 home kit boasts a very classic interpretation of the team's famous checker look. Continuing the theme set with the super-popular 2018 away, the Croatia Euro 2020 away jersey is dark grey and black.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2020 Away Kit

The Czech 2020 away kit introduces an unusual color combination of 'volt' and black, a first for the team.

Group E


Spain 2020-2021 Home KitSpain Euro 2020 Away Kit

The Spain Euro 2020 home shirt features a very unique design thanks to an innovative analog creation process. Spain's Euro 2020 away kit will be white with grey accents and (likely) red logos.

Spain Euro 2020 Goalkeeper KitSpain 2020 Training KitSpain Euro 2020 Pre-Match ShirtSpain Euro 2020 Anthem Jacket


Sweden Euro 2020 Home KitSweden Euro 2020 Away Kit

Sweden's Euro 2020 home kit introduces a clean and classy look in yellow with trim in navy and blue. The away is dark blue with yellow accents and logos.


Poland Euro 2020 Home & Away Kits

The new Poland home and away kits are made by Nike and introduce clean, classy designs. They will be released in March.

Group F


Portugal Euro 2020 Home KitPortugal Euro 2020 Away Kit

Both of Portugal's kits for Euro 2020 have already been leaked. The home features a classy red and gold shirt, combining it with green shorts for the first time since 2004. The away, meanwhile, has a similar base color as the 2016 shirt.


France Euro 2020 Home KitFrance Euro 2020 Away Kit

Inspired by the iconic 1984 / 1998 Adidas designs, the France Euro 2020 home shirt might be Nike's most outgoing France shirt to date. The away is as clean as it gets.

France Euro 2020 Training Kit


Germany Euro 2020 Home KitGermany Euro 2020 Away Kit

Germany's Euro 2020 kits are of course made by Adidas. The Germany home shirt, which was launched in November 2019, will be white with black horizontal stripes on the front. The away has a classy 'stealth' look.

Germany 2020 Goalkeeper KitGermany Euro 2020 Training KitsGermany Euro 2020 Lifestyle Collection and Anthem JacketGermany Euro 2020 Off-Pitch Collection LeakedGermany 2020 Board Shorts


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 Home & Away Kits

Both new kits are entirely based on the Condivo 20 teamwear template.


Hungary Euro 2020 Home Kit

Made by Adidas, the Hungary kit draws inspiration from the Danube River.


Ireland 2020 Home Kit

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland 2020 Home KitNorthern Ireland 2020 Away Kit


Norway 2020 Home Kit


Scotland 2020 Home KitScotland 2020 Away Kit


Serbia 2020 Away Kit


Slovakia 2020 Home Kit

What's your favorite from the Euro 2020 kits that have been released and leaked so far? Drop us a line below.
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