All Adidas EURO 2020 Away Kits Released

All the Adidas 2020-2021 away jerseys were released this morning. The Adidas 2020-21 away kits are set to be debuted the 2022 World Cup qualifier matches in late March and used in the Euro 2020.

What is interesting is that the Adidas EURO 2020 away kits were already produced in late 2019, as the tag of a leaked Germany away shirt reveals. They were originally planned to be released in March 2020.

In November 2019, Adidas already released all 2020 EURO home kits.

All Adidas Euro 2020 Home Kits Released

Adidas EURO 2020 Away Kits

Germany Adidas Euro 2020 Away Kit

Germany Euro 2020 Away Kit Leaked - Spotted in Store

Belgium Euro 2020 Away Kit

Official Pictures: Belgium Euro 2020 Away Kit Leaked

Russia 2020-21 Away Kit

A very clean and patriotic look, the Adidas Russia 2020-21 away jersey is white with a blue-red chest band across the front that continues onto the blue-red sleeve cuffs. This time Adidas got the flag colors the right way around.

Russia EURO 2020 Away Kit Released

Spain Adidas 2020-2021 Away Shirt

Spain 2020-21 Away Kit Leaked - Official Pictures

Adidas Wales 2020 Away Jersey

Wales 2020-21 Away Kit Leaked - Official Pictures

Adidas Northern Ireland 2020 Away Shirt

Northern Ireland 2020 Away Kit Released

Scotland 2020-21 Away Kit

Classy Scotland 2020 Away Kit Revealed

Hungary Euro 2020 Away Kit

Bosnia 2020-21 Away Kit

100% Condivo 20: Adidas Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 Home & Away Kits Leaked by PES 2020

Sweden Euro 2020 Away Shirt

The Adidas Sweden 2020 away shirt introduces a clean design in dark blue and yellow. Predominantly dark blue, there are yellow pinstripes on the front and sleeves of the shirt.

Sweden Euro 2020 Away Kit Leaked - Official Pictures

Adidas also released new home jerseys for Argentina and Colombia. A new away kit for Japan is also planned for a release.

Argentina 2020-21 Home Kit Leaked

Colombia 2020-21 Home Kit Leaked - Official Pictures

Japan 2020 Away Kit Leaked - Full Look + 'HEAT.RDY' Version

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What do you think about Adidas' international away kits for 2021-22? Let's hear your favorite design in the comments down below.