Liverpool Debuts All-Red Socks - Here Is Why

Update: Playing against Chelsea today, Liverpool were wearing their all-red change socks in order to avoid a sock kit clash at Chelsea, who wore white socks. Liverpool typically wear half-white and half-red socks with their 2019/20 home kit. All-red socks are their traditional choice.

Liverpool Debuts All-Red Socks To Avoid 'Kit Clash

Jordan Henderson's socks were a little different to the rest of his Liverpool team-mates as he cut them off on the bootom and wore white socks instead...

Liverpool Forced To Register One-Colored Socks - Original Article

Liverpool's start in the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League season was not successful at all as they lost 2-0 away against SSC Napoli. However, while the kit worn in the match was as expected, UEFA's match report reveals that the club had to register two special uniform variants... Thanks to @museumofjerseys for info and some images.

Virgil van Dijk 'Ditches' White Part Of Liverpool Socks

Liverpool FC Has One-Colored Socks As Fourth & Fifth Choice

The UEFA report reveals that Liverpool has registered five different kits in total - the first, second and third choices are as expected, while the fourth and fifth choices are those that are interesting. The fourth is the standard home kit with one-colored red socks, while the fifth choice is the away with one-colored white socks.

Napoli, meanwhile, has registered four different kit variants (home, away, third + all-blue home).

Interestingly and quite logically, Liverpool is not the only team who had to register special versions of their kits. We expect that all New Balance teams competing in UEFA competitions in 2019-2020 had to register alternative versions with one-colored socks.

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In fact, Inter Milan also has special one-colored socks for their away kit. It is the preferred (second) choice even though the kit was presented with "white / blue half-and-half" socks.

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In fact, as reported by Museum of Jerseys, it is a similar situation to Arsenal in 2017-18. The Gunners’ first-choice socks were white with red, while their change set were solid red. The home socks weren’t allowed to be worn against the red of CSKA Moscow, so a plain white style was used.

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